Thursday, November 5, 2009

Japanese Hosting Site Compromised

The eSoft Threat Prevention Team is today warning users to be wary of sites hosted on, a Japanese hosting site.  At this time, all blogs and other web sites hosted by are compromised and currently being used to boost the Google PageRank of various sites including Japanese pornography sites in a technique sometimes called "PageRank Bombing" and also referred to as "BlackHat SEO."

At a glance, these sites look normal, but at the bottom of the page is a small portion of a box that actually holds around 300 links to questionable and pornographic websites.  The Threat Prevention Team has found thousands of unique links so far.  At any time, the sites could be repurposed to something more dangerous, as could the target pornography websites.

Sample URL associated with the scheme:

eSoft has now flagged thousands of these URLs as "Compromised" and/or "Pornography" as appropriate in order to protect customers and partners who use eSoft's SiteFilter database and block those categories.

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